January 2011, volume 4, number 4

Business Environment

New $41 million venture capital fund

Quebec IT and communications companies will now be able to tap into a new $41 million development and growth fund.

Quebec City notches its best performance in five years in 2010

The Quebec City metropolitan area is not immune to such shocks from the global economy as a recession. Nevertheless, the solid state of the private sector and the positive impact of public infrastructure projects should help to ease tensions and stimulate investment in the region.

Awards, Distinctions and Promotional Activities

Quebec City among the Smart 21 Communities, according to Intelligent Community Awards 2011

Quebec City's genius has finally been recognized now that the region has been ranked among the Smart 21 Communities of the Year. This contest pays tribute to the world's most innovative regions.

Quebec City conference

For the past seven years, 400 public and private-sector venture capital decision-makers from 21 countries have gathered for closed-door sessions in Quebec City to discuss industry issues. This event is increasingly described as the "Davos of the venture capital sector".