Value-added materials and transportation equipment industryValue-added materials and transportation equipment industry
A place of choice A place of choice in Quebec City’s regional economy in Quebec City’s regional economy

Value-added materials and transportation equipment industry: a place of choice in Quebec City’s regional economy


530 companies
12,500 jobs
3 billion in annual revenues
75,000 degree holders
180 researchers

The value-added materials and transportation equipment industry includes manufacturers of various products (wood, metal, rubber, plastic and composite materials), as well as manufacturers of machinery and transportation equipment. Operating across the Quebec City region, these companies have successfully adapted to globalization and the new realities of their markets by using innovation as a powerful growth driver.

Capitalizing on its advantageous geographic location, the value-added materials and transportation equipment industry has easy access to various markets in North America and beyond. The industry’s growth is supported by the presence of renowned research facilities working to develop innovative processes and materials and carry out technology transfers. Thanks to these key factors, industry leaders and new firms have a place of choice in the regional economy.

Today, these entrepreneurs’ expertise is recognized around the world. Their innovative approach has led to the development of high-value-added products destined to remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

Research at the service of industry

In Quebec City, the value-added materials and transportation equipment industry boasts numerous major research centres, groups and consortiums placing their expertise at the service of business growth.

  • The Quebec Industrial Research Centre (CRIQ) specializes in manufacturing process automation, environmental technologies, industrial systems development, qualification testing and product certification.
  • FPInnovations is the world’s most important non-profit forestry research institute and a global leader in the areas of wood product research and technology transfers.
  • The Aluminum Research Centre (REGAL) includes researchers from six Quebec universities, including Laval University. Research activities encompass the production, transformation and use of aluminum and its derivatives.
  • Laval University’s Advanced Materials Research Centre specializes in new materials. Its work focuses on synthetic and natural macromolecules, nanomaterials and biomaterials.
  • Laval University’s Inter-Disciplinary Group for Finite Element Research specializes in digital simulations. Its research applications include wood’s mechanical properties, composite material parts design and polymer processing.
  • The Quebec Plastics and Composite Materials Research Consortium fosters exchanges between industry and the scientific community. It provides financial support for R&D projects in the precompetitive phase and oversees technology transfers to companies, including the technology integration process.
  • The Centre for Mineral and Plastics Technology is a technology transfer centre specializing in polymer formulation, reverse engineering, failure analysis and development of products and processes in the areas of recovery, recycling and bioplastics.

A diversified industry

The Quebec City region is home to companies with a wide variety of operations. They include:

Structures and metallic products

Machinery and transportation equipment

Rubber, plastics and composite materials

Furniture, construction products and materials, prefabricated homes

Value-added materials and transportation equipment - Fact sheet

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Value-added materials and transportation equipment - Fact sheet

Plastics, metallic structures and products, wood products, construction materials and products,  machinery, composite materials, rubber, pre-fabricated homes, furniture, transportation equipment

Portrait of these industries in the Quebec City Region. Produced by Québec International.

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