An industry built on creativity and expertiseAn industry built on creativity and expertise
ICT and electronicsICT and electronics

Québec City Metropolitan region, plugged into high technology

Key figures

540 companies
19,500 jobs
$1.7 CDN billion in sales
65 research centers, chairs, clusters and institutes
2,000 research jobs

Data compiled for the Québec City metropolitan region

Optics/photonics, geospatial technologies, digital arts, interactive entertainment and video games, software, development, electronics: companies in information technologies, communications and electronics sectors in the region are masters in developing and marketing innovative solutions.

Between 1998 and 2008, the GDP for this industry grew twice as rapidly as Québec's overall economy. By combining daring creativity and expertise, companies in this region have staked out a place on the world stage.

The best and brightest in the communications and information technology and electronics industries are found in the Québec city metropolitan region

More than 100 companies have brought their innovative and growing companies to the region. Besides giants like IBM, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Thales and General Dynamics, here are some regional leaders in the information and communications technology and electronics industry in the Québec City metropolitan region:

  • Electronics: Gecko Alliance, Gentec, Lab-Volt Systems, M2S Electronics, Olympus NDT Canada and SEM Electronics
  • Geospatial: Aéro Photo, Altus Group, Bentley, CD Ware, ESRI Canada, KOREM, Syntell, Tecsult, Trifide Group and Xeos Imaging
  • ICT consulting services, Web and telecommunications development: Bell Canada, CGI, DMR-Fujitsu, HS Telecom, Infoglobe, Nurun, Orizon Mobile, Sogique, TechnoConseil, Telus and Ver-Mac
  • Multimedia and video games:Beenox-Activision, Ex Machina, Frima Studio, Long Tail Studios, Sarbakan, Ubisoft and  Volta
  • Optics-Photonics: ABB Bomem, Creaform, Exfo, Institut national d'optique/National Optics Institute and TeraXion
  • Software development:Fortsum, Systematix and Taleo

Unique expertise in Geospatial technology

A skilful blend of geomatics, business intelligence, telecommunications, security and IT integration services, geospatial technology opens new markets by facilitating data acquisition, treatment and distribution. Geospatial technology is used for public safety, defense or mobility, insurance, entertainment, public decision-making and health.

On its own, this revolutionary industry includes 30 companies, generates approximately 800 jobs, including 130 in research and presents $ 80 million in annual sales figures. The sector can count on 10 research centers, groups and chairs.

The Québec City metropolitan region is one of the few world centers for all categories of geospatial technology:

  • Major suppliers of services and products
  • Governmental and private users
  • International calibre research centers
  • Complete training at all academic levels

Renowned research centers

Information and communications technologies and electronics are supported by some of Canada's most important research consortiums:

A competitive business environment

The Québec City metropolitan region has everything it takes to be a major player in information and communications technologies and electronics: a critical mass of companies (local, national and international), state-of-the-art research, a skilled and qualified workforce, creativity and unrivalled regional cooperation.

Operational costs that beat the American average

The Québec City metropolitan region ranks 1st in Canada for competitive operating costs in information and communications technologies and electronics:

  • Leading-edge software development (21 %)
  • Web and multimedia content development: (20 %)
  • Telecommunications equipment (6 %)
  • Electronic components assembly (5 %)

Skilled and plentiful workforce

The Québec City metropolitan region prides itself on its 60,000 graduates in IT, mathematics, statistical engineering etc. With a vast number of university programs, the Québec City metropolitan region sees thousands of graduates annually in information technologies.

ITC and electronics - Fact sheet

For more information

ITC and electronics - Fact sheet

Video games, optics/photonics, geospatial technologies, multimedia creation, IT consulting services, software development, defence and public safety, electronics, 3D environments, special effects, virtual/augmented reality, telecommunications, intelligent transportation systems, remote detection

Portrait of these industries in the Quebec City Region. Produced by Québec International.

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