The construction industry’s niche of the futureThe construction industry’s niche of the future
Green and smart buildingGreen and smart building

Projects, practices, technologies and materials : the distinct expertise in green and smart building of the Quebec City Region


295 companies
6 500 jobs
1,7 billion in annual revenues
156,4 million in annual salaries
2,5 billion in sustainable building projects underway or announced

Data compiled for the Quebec City census metropolitanarea (CMA) by Québec International

Positioned as the construction Industry's niche of the future, The green and smart building Market is growing by leaps and Bounds worldwide. The quebec City region has earned an enviable Position by focusing on Entrepreneurial expertise And ingenuity. 

The Quebec City region has distinctive expertise, including innovative development projects and innovative design practices, technologies and materials. Championing an approach that takes into account cost, comfort and flexibility objectives (smart building) as well as environmental impact reductions (green building), the industry is spurring growth and fostering the development of healthy, productive and profitable environments for the benefit of building owners and occupants.

Located within striking distance of various large markets (e.g. Boston, New York, Washington, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto), the Quebec City region is taking on a cutting-edge role as it leverages its high-export-potential expertise.

Billions of dollars in sustainable investments

The construction industry is booming in the Quebec City region, with more than 160 major projects scheduled for completion between 2011 and 2020 generating $8.3 billion in investments. Approximately 10 projects valued at $2.5 billion (i.e. 30% of the total) are focused on sustainable development and green technologies. Green neighbourhoods are also beginning to take shape. In the wake of these initiatives and the rapid growth in the number of real estate developments meeting new environmental standards, the region's green and smart building sector is also booming. Drawing on a wealth of sustainable building expertise and the presence of increasingly innovative manufacturers, the region has earned an enviable position.

Science serving industry

Laval University, the only post-secondary institution in Quebec to offer expertise in architecture, mechanical engineering, wood engineering and civil engineering, fosters industry growth through high-tech research and training programs that meet industry needs.


As the world's largest non-profit forestry research institute and as a global leader in the area of wood product research and technology transfers, FPInnovations - Forintek Division is a key player in Canada's wood product industry.


For more than 40 years, the Quebec Centre for Industrial Research (CRIQ) has provided invaluable assistance to sector companies. By supporting technological innovation among manufacturers of construction materials and systems, the Centre enables them to offer distinctive high-value-added products.


As an international environmental leader, the National Institute for Scientific Research's Water Earth Environment Centre has specific expertise in the areas of environmental sanitation and waste recycling.

Green and smart building - Fact sheet

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Green and smart building - Fact sheet

Structures, floor coverings, insulating materials, structural engineering, prefabricated systems, doors/windows, curtain walls, geothermal, architecture, energy control/management, sidings,  building, mechanical engineering, lighting, real estate development, construction project management

Portrait of these industries in the Quebec City Region. Produced by Québec International.

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