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Accord health foods sector: main action areas

Business development

The health food sector aims to consolidate and support the development of new markets. By participating in international events, organizing trade missions, conducting buyer outreach and identifying business, techno­logical and financial partners, the sector is positioning the Quebec City region as a health food centre of excellence at the national and interna­tional levels while contributing to local business development.

Technological innovation

The sector is seeking to facilitate the creation of new health foods and high value-added products through the use of innovative technological solutions. It is also working to implement company-defined joint devel­opment projects that can be carried out in association with specialized research centres.

Networking and professional development

The sector's networking and professional development activities are designed to facilitate contacts, generate business opportunities and update managers' knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of exports, finance, regulation, business strategies and innovation.


Obtaining production mandates and creating new innovative products require an available pool of qualified workers. To those ends, the health food sector is focused on finding solutions and taking action aimed at resolving employment-related issues.


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