Québec City Healthcare Industry ForumQuébec City Healthcare Industry Forum

Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum


Québec International invites you to the 12th edition of the Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum, held on December 5 and 6, 2018.

Over the years, innovation has always been a central theme of the Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum. Last year, we addressed this theme from the perspective of optimizing care trajectories to create a common language among various stakeholders in the health industry. Such a unifying theme allowed all the participants to collaborate and enrich discussions.

This year, the Forum will continue with the same line of overarching themes by tackling one of the most promising global trends: big data and artificial intelligence. These new technologies trigger reflections not only in Quebec’s health system but also in other industries that rely on scientific innovation in the province and the world.

The goal of the 12th Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum is to realize the input from big data and explore the potential of artificial intelligence when applied to the health sector. The health network’s stakeholders from the public and private sectors alike will be able to identify the opportunities for creating value made possible by these transformations. This encompassing issue is also a key for various industries in the health sector (pharmaceuticals, medical technology, information technology, etc.) as they have a direct impact on their clients’ expectations and their own services. Moreover, this theme will highlight two strategic sectors for the province of Quebec — life sciences and digital technology — addressing subjects that will be at the core of their development in the coming years.

Why participate?

The Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum, the biggest annual forum on innovation in the fields of life sciences and health technologies, brings together the major players in the industry from both the private and the public sectors. With its unifying themes, this has become an event to which any stakeholder in the health sector who wishes to learn and share best practices for integrating and implementing innovations in their organization must attend.

This year, the Forum will focus on concrete applications of technologies that are often seen as futuristic or unattainable. You will learn about the benefits of using big data and artificial intelligence efficiently for organizations. Also on the program: new initiatives from the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux will be highlighted and two panel discussions, one by the industrial sector and the other by the health network, will introduce the best practices for integrating innovation and explain their impact on the creation of value.

At the Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum, health network and industries speak the same language!


The Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum is organized by Québec International, in collaboration with its program partners:

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A special thank you to our partners for this 12th edition!

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