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In Quebec City, all economic development actors work in synergy to meet the needs of investors and entrepreneurs And help ensure the success of their business projects. As the pre-eminent regional economic development agency, Quebec International can put you in fast-track contact with the main regional and national stakeholders with a view to speeding up your business launch or expansion project while minimizing risks.

As an integrated economic development agency, Quebec International does much more than promoting and attracting investment. In fulfilling its mission of fostering company growth, supporting key sectors and attracting talent, it offers companies a full and varied slate of services. All of Quebec International’s services are confidential and free of charge.

Here’s what we can do for you

Since we are as ambitious as you are, we’ll give you access to our network of targeted contacts, as well as a complete range of services aimed at maximizing your chances of success.

Strategic information and assistance

  • Provide information on the regional economy and business environment.
  • Identify available sources of financing and tax breaks.
  • Identify and visit potential launch sites.
  • Provide assistance during the setup phases of your project.
  • Provide assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs.
  • Provide assistance with local, regional and national authorities.
  • Identify experts in the areas of law, tax, accounting, logistics, etc.
  • Introduce you to business and scientific partners.

Support your company’s growth

  • Identify potential private and public financial partners.
  • Support the recruitment and integration of qualified foreign workers.
  • Support marketing initiatives and the development of external markets.
  • Identify business opportunities.
  • Facilitate integration with initiatives specific to your industry.
  • Support entrepreneurship and innovation.

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