Professionals dedicated to helping your business growProfessionals dedicated to helping your business grow
Support for investors and subsidiariesSupport for investors and subsidiaries

Québec International: a partner in your investment projects.

When it comes to investing in a start-up business or expanding an existing subsidiary, Québec International is your preferred partner. Québec International will help you establish and develop your business in the Québec City metropolitan region, one of the most competitive business environments in Canada and in North America.

Québec International provides :

  • Economic information services
  • Implementation support services
  • Assistance with local authorities
  • Contacts with taxation and accounting experts
  • Scouting start-up locations
  • Identifying and contacting potential partners
  • Support for recruitment and integrating workers
  • Post establishment follow-ups

Economic information: keep informed on the business climate

Québec international can provide you with high-quality information essential for investment projects:

  • Operational and setup costs
  • Potential business opportunities
  • Existing technological and scientific expertise
  • Existing infrastructures

Our intimate knowledge of the region's competitive business environment makes Québec International a preferred business partner for your investment projects.

Assistance and support from experts

Québec International's team of experts offer support services for all stages of your investment project, by advising you or steering you to experts in law, taxation or accounting. We can research potential start-up locations and visit the location with you. Whether you're on a reconnaissance mission or getting prepared for a start-up, we can provide whatever support you need.

Public and private partner networks: identify the opportunities

Québec International maintains close connections with a vast network of public and private partners who can support your investment projects. We can arrange contacts with the proper authorities and governmental contacts for your investment or development projects.

Business and technology partners: creating profitable connections

A successful start-up in Canada relies on strategic business or technology partnerships. Our professionals will help you to identify partners and to establish strategic business or research connections.

Follow-up on affiliates of foreign companies: efficiently meeting your needs

Québec International offers a proactive follow-up program with a vast range of services to affiliates of foreign companies established in the region. Our team can help you:

  • Carry out expansion projects
  • Recruit foreign workers
  • Research and export to new markets.

With a profit-based intervention strategy, the Québec International team effectively meets the needs of foreign subsidiaries.

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