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Senior management and Finance

Achieving success at home and abroad-that's what motivates the Quebec International team. Whether they're attracting talent and investment or exporting our regional expertise, our innovative and effective professionals work to ensure the economic development of the Quebec City metropolitan region. Reporting to four different vice-presidents, our professionals care deeply about the quality of the services provided to our clients and partners in pursuit of the desired results. Senior management and finace includes our professionals assigned to finance, accounting and corporate affairs.

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Communications and economic reporting

Our economic and regional research professionals are responsible for ensuring the availability of high-quality economic information. Their efforts are focused on tracking changes in the regional, national and international economic climate and business environment and on developing regional economic indicators. They also carry out research and analysis aimed at identifying opportunities, guiding development strategies and defining actions to be taken in support of economic growth. Professionals in the communications department are responsible for all operations on communications, public relations and marketing. They ensure, in accordance with the mandates of the organization, enhancement of the region’s status, promotion of the services and the quality of the information provided by Quebec International.

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Business growth support

Our business growth support professionals develop initiatives aimed at meeting business needs in the areas of hiring, marketing/exports and competiveness, focusing on innovation, financing and eco-efficiency. Our service offer is designed to enable businesses to achieve international competitiveness. Services include training/upgrading activities, support programs, foreign trade/recruitment missions, financing round tables and sector networking events.

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Foreign investment prospecting

Our business investment professionals work with an extensive network of regional and international partners in order to attract foreign investment and follow up with affiliates of foreign companies. They also implement strategies aimed at promoting the region's advantages with potential investors and foreign workers. When projects begin to take shape, our sector specialists offer a full slate of implementation support services, ranging from location scouting to arranging contacts with potential financial partners. Our specialists also identify market opportunities and develop business corridors with various world regions with a view to facilitating trade and strategic alliances.

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Cluster development and support

Our sector cluster development and support professionals maintain constant and close ties with businesses and sector organizations. Each team member focuses on the development of a high-growth sector of the regional economy, such as the life sciences (biopharmaceuticals/diagnostics, medical products and equipment, natural health products, cosmeceuticals, medical technologies), food and nutrition, applied technologies (optics/photonics, geospace) and information technologies (software, interactive entertainment and digital arts, telehealth). Our specialists use their understanding of businesses' needs to provide them with the required support to carry out projects leveraging Quebec International's or its partners' service offer.

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